Hello, I'm Jésu

I'm an Artist and T-shaped designer on a mission to shape the future with design thinking, alongside kind, humble, and mission-driven humans.

Over the past decade, I've worked with companies to improve or create products and brands. Some of these companies are Trulia, Chick-fil-A, Ngmoco, Cloud CMA, and Verizon.


Currently, I'm a senior visual/product designer at Lone Wolf Tech, where I'm helping design the future of real estate products and improving the Helix Design System

Previously, I served as senior designer at W+R Studios (now Lone Wolf Tech), where I  redesigned the Cloud CMA brand and helped design products such as HomebeatCloud CMA Live, and Cloud CMA

Previously, I served as a senior designer at Brand Apart, where I worked on evolving the Chick-fil-A® brand by collaborating with strategic partners to enhance internal and external communications.

Previously, I served as a visual designer at Wake Interactive, where I helped small and large companies with their brands and marketing websites.


A picture of Jésu Cardenas being happy

Colombian-American raised in South Florida, currently living in Louisville, Colorado.

In my spare time, you'll find me playing with Ash (my golden retriever), organizing my brain on paper, drawing, playing video games, exploring nature, dancing salsa, climbing, playing soccer,  cycling, or my favorite; people watching. (I'm inspired by humans.)

My favorite movie character is Lieutenant Dan.

The Overlaps in Design Systems Thinking and Daily Habits.
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